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Our Services + Community Resources

Welcome to our Services and Resources page! Here, you'll find the types of services the Centre offers as well as a non-exhaustive master-list of resources in the WTC community and beyond. If you have a resource that you'd like to contribute to our document, please email us using the form in our contact page!

Pamphlets/Educational Material

WTC provides a multitude of educational material on sexual and reproductive health. These pamphlets go over types of STIs, types of condoms, and forms of birth control.

Collaborative Events

WTC is a big proponent of collaborating with our fellow members of the community. We volunteer with all kinds of organizations including (but not limited to): Radio FWD, Students for Barrier Free Access, Equity and Diversity Office, and more!

Sexual and Reproductive Products

We cater to all folks of various backgrounds and mainly provide pads, tampons, and internal & external condoms.

Sponsorship for UTSC Events

Reach out to the Finance and Safety Coordinator for more information on this at !

don't forget our resource directory!

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