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Margins Magazine is the UTSC Women & Trans Centre creative magazine that acts as a condiment to the Centre’s annual March conference. Our  Conference will take place on March 7th, 2020. 


The Conference theme for 2020 is Metamorphosis, in hopes to explore the journeys of powerful female/femme influencers and the dynamic path towards a feminist future. Fighting for Equity is a historical movement and we must acknowledge that we are part of something bigger. The conference will heavily incorporate art, and thus the magazine hopes to encompass the various themes of intersectionality and topics of mental health, visual culture, sexuality, and empowerment. Margins intends to fuse multiple mediums including poetry, visual art, photography, and prose, to honour and celebrate marginalized voices meshing the UTSC and Scarborough community at large. 

With each submission, please include:

      1) A short passage contextualizing your work.

      2) An artist statement.

      3) The name to appear alongside your 
          published piece. Please specify if you would
          prefer to stay anonymous.

      4) Any relevant social media handle(s).


Deadline: February 14th, 2020

For more information, email Shagun Kanwar at financecoordinator.wc@gmail.com.